Since I get this question often, I will dedicate this post to a brief discussion of my clinical approach to health and medicine. I took a long route in coming to this approach via my previous career as a professional cyclist and my own health challenges post career that had me exhausted, confused and frustrated for years.

Melanie Dorion, AGNPI clearly remember feeling very “sub-optimal” as a professional athlete on many occasions and feeling as though my healing and recovery were far from great. Recovering from hard races/training or crashes (mountain biking inevitably means crashing on occasion!) were slowed and impacting not only my performances but health in general. I searched for years for someone who could truly help optimize not just my performance but my overall health. It was when I finally saw a Naturopathic1 and Functional Medicine2 provider who listened to my story and utilized a variety of natural approaches that significantly improved my health that I knew I wanted to study this type of medicine – this was in the late 1990s and I have never looked back since!

My approach is grounded in Naturopatic and nursing philosophies and uses Functional and Strategic Medicine principles thus is preventive, patient-centered and promotes the body’s ability for healing by using traditional and natural therapies. Functional Medicine strives to address and reverse (or at least improve) the underlying causes of disease and promote healing. This approach goes beyond relieving symptoms and attempts to facilitate the body’s innate healing processes. I take into account that individuals are just that – individuals and therefore unique in who they are and in what may have contributed to their health condition(s). I will look into the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence health and disease. During my visits, I teach, coach and encourage patients to make changes that have long-lasting and beneficial effects. I bring this clinical experience to Pentad Integrative Health and hope to inspire clinicians from various disciplines to support patient health. Here’s to thriving!