All About Tonight’s Event

Tonight I hosted a Functional Forum meeting and it was fantastic! This is not a new meeting, I have hosted multiple in the last year. Yes, the presentation, by moi, on chronic inflammation was stupendous, the crowd cheered and wanted more!! But I may be biased since I created and presented the content 😉 Jokes aside, tonight was a great success not so much for the content or the presentation but the fact that health care providers from many disciplines attended, networked and shared – we collaborated and had fun while doing it.

Collaborating and finding support on tough cases is often challenging since many integrative and functional practitioners are not under one roof, are overworked, and stretched out thin running busy practices. This is a common issue I would like to help resolve and my solution is to host monthly meetings. Tonight I met RDs, NPs, LSWs, MDs, LAcs, PhDs… and a veterinarian, yes, an integrative veterinarian attended, took notes and asked questions. She wants to learn all she can about getting all living things, animal and human, healthier! Another attendee mentioned she felt relief being here because “[she] can finally talk [her] language”. That’s the spirit of these monthly meetings – we are creating a tribe, a tribe of dedicated health care providers who want to see patients actually heal and thrive again. I am excited, no, more than excited; I am pumped and confident that integrative and functional medicine is in fact the future.

Here’s to thriving!

– Download tonight’s presentation